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i’m going to listen to the opening of democracy coma forever

ALBUM TITLE: Favourite Worst Nightmare
ARTIST: Arctic Monkeys
PLAY COUNT: 249075

Stop and wait a sec
Oh when you look at me like that my darling, what did you expect?
I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck
Or I did last time I checked

you know when you have just one line from a song stuck in your head but you don’t know what the lyrics are or what song it’s from and you suspect it may even only occur once in the song in question so it would be even harder to find if you started playing songs at random to try and find it


im so glad.png


Quick evening pencil doodling of Yule ball dancers! Click for bigger but still messy viewing. Might clean it up and add some colour at some point :>

oh my god i literally give up

my aesthetic blog will remain a mess


Tale of nature from Vyacheslav Mishchenko


Tamara Phillips

Prints from $5 in her shop